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Change your settings

Sometimes, when you login, your username and password are displayed automatically.  Sometimes it is not .

This  is because these informations are stored in your browser’s cache or settings.

If you want to change these  settings , please follow the steps.

For IE 7,

step 1-Click the Tools menu at the top of your browser, and select Internet Options

Step 2- Open the Content tab at the top of the dialogue box.

Step 3- Click AutoComplete, and make the necessary changes.

Step 4- Click Ok

In Firefox 2 or 3,

Step 1- Click Tools

Step 2- Click  Security

Step 3-  Make the necessary changes in passwords

 Step 4- Click OK

If you don’t want your data to be remembered, make sure that you leave the box “stay signed in” unchecked during sign in.


Ways to compare

We can see our life in different ways and from different perspectives. Our life can  be  compared to many things. I would like to share some comparisons that I have heard.

Life can be compared to a still river. Which means a life without any worries or anxieties. But when waves come, there will be ups and downs and the stillness is lost. Waves are the  problems that occur in our life. We lose our stillness or calmness when trouble arises. I remember a quotation

                 Do not trouble trouble, unless trouble troubles you.        

               If you trouble trouble, It will double trouble you! 🙂

Alright! Life can also be compared as a rope. I got this Idea from Mr.Rufino’s speech “Knots in life”. He asks people to consider their lifeline as a rope. And each difficulties that they face as knots in it. Now, imagine you are hanging in this rope which is tied to a cliff. These knots protect you from falling down. So, hard times bring  confidence in us which helps us to survive in the future.

Life can be considered as a tree. Which starts as a seed, grows, helps people in many ways and finally decays in the ground.

Another amazing way how life can be compared!  A Donkey’s cry i.e, from a sharp high pitch to a slow low tone. Human beings have to realise that. We shout, we howl, enjoy and finally at last we will be in the bed breathing our last slow breath.

Now for the readers. What are the other things that can be compared to life? Do share your opinion. 🙂


In MS WORD (windows OS)  it is a normal habit for beginners to start typing without looking into  the screen. And when we look, we must be shocked to see that the text that has to be written in capitals is written in small letters or vice versa. And it is so common to press ‘Caps Lock’ button while typing.  Do we need to erase the whole text?Do we need to type again by turning caps lock on or off?

                                                                  No need.

The solution is simple. Press shift+F3.

for ex: Consider this as the text that you entered in word.


                                       THIS IS AN EXAMPLE . TRY IT OUT.

Now press Shift+F3 and the text transforms to


                                        this is an example. try it out.

To make text look nice, press Shift+F3 again. And now text appears as


                                        This is an example. Try it out.       


Do you want to convert back to caps? Simple.Press Shift+F3.

Make it real

Cherishing good old memmories is some thing that we all like to do. People at that time, friends’ fights, parents’ care and affection, probably words are not sufficient to express those feelings.

Holding parents’ hands we entered into our  first  temple of education, our school. Years have passed with the blink of an eye. Getting a chocolate was the most  happiest  moment. When friends made butterfly out of chocolate wrapper, we were amazed!  We may also have made flower with the pencil waste after sharpening. hahah, remember those punishments that were given to us since we were talkative and naughty fellow in the class.Singing all rhyms and riddles we enjoyed.

We made a  promise that we will try to change the bad face of society.  A dream that we will do something to win good over evil.

Then we entered into the cobwebs of exams. Where we understood life itself  is an exam. Still we tried to enjoy it. But as so called maturity grows with us, we forgot the good qualities that we inculcated.  A competitive mind took place. To be a successful person in life became a dream.

Years passed on and we recognised life. But we started moving with the society. “You should do this,you shouldn’t do that” society wants us to confirm. We came to a conclusion that good and bad are like two faces of the same coin.

But where have the promises disappear. If you had wished a wish with a pure mind and soul, whom are you scared of ?  If you really have a determination, you can defnitely try to make it true .i.e, to bring your dreams into reality.

Tips to improve presentation

Able to present the matter( that we have already prepared) without any mistakes  is good. But the way we present is more important. Looking straight in to the wall, concentrating our eye in to a particular point do not serve the purpose. Speaking like an express train is another way of making the audience bored.

Probably many of us must have felt unhappy by the way people have responded. Sometimes they’l be sleeping, reading something else , speaking to   each other,and sometimes watching the crows above. But we can actually get control of their reaction.

First of all we must be prepared with the matter. Keep a note of what you are going to present.

Secondly, we should do rehearsal. Rehearsal need not be done with a set of people or in front of mirror. Rehersal can be done in our mind itself. We should be very much clear about what we are actually going to speak.

Then comes the most important part i.e, our presentation. Use very simple and direct language. Speak loudly & make sure that you keep eye contact with the people. Use a bit of humour so as to make your presentation lively and effective.

When you are in the stage, you are the master of your words. Be confident and brave enough to explain what is there in your mind.

It is just simple

Everything in the universe is beautiful.It depends on us as how we view it. Viewing the beauty of universe,architecture,nature & things are all quite fine for us. But when it comes to technical aspect,sometimes we may not be able to appreciate the beauty of the subject or the particular topic.

I remember the days when i was  in class 12 ,struggling with physics. My teachers  used to tell that try to understand the fact that  phy”Sick”s is beautiful 🙂 . But I never found any beauty in that subject. By the time I tried to like it,I was half the way in sleep.

So how can one truly find the inner beauty in a chunk of paragraphs with multiple definitions and derivations? Well, a possible explanation could be to understand the matter, self teaching,learning by writing and a good coaching. But apart from all these ,it is important to think that the subject is simple. We can tell ourselves”oh only this much, so simple, I worried for this?!” When we think something is simple and easy, we will definitely have a strong tendency to do it at a faster rate.

When speed,interest and understanding works together, the matter is quite simple. You have done it!

Scroll Lock

Just look at the keyboard. You can find this button “Scroll Lock”. You can also see the LED “Scroll Lock” near Num Lock and Caps Lock. We have hardly used this. One reason is that  there are no software programs that take the advantage of this button.

May be this has become an entertainment. Press Scroll Lock and light comes on. Press again and light goes off.

Scroll Lock is used to temporarily stop the scrolling of text.  Microsoft Excel  is a good example of a software program that uses this key.  If Scroll Lock is enabled on the keyboard , when you press any of the arrow keys, the screen will move in that direction but the selected cell will not change.

Programmers can however make their software respond to the key in whatever way they like, hence it need not be restricted to its original function.