It is just simple

Everything in the universe is beautiful.It depends on us as how we view it. Viewing the beauty of universe,architecture,nature & things are all quite fine for us. But when it comes to technical aspect,sometimes we may not be able to appreciate the beauty of the subject or the particular topic.

I remember the days when i was  in class 12 ,struggling with physics. My teachers  used to tell that try to understand the fact that  phy”Sick”s is beautiful 🙂 . But I never found any beauty in that subject. By the time I tried to like it,I was half the way in sleep.

So how can one truly find the inner beauty in a chunk of paragraphs with multiple definitions and derivations? Well, a possible explanation could be to understand the matter, self teaching,learning by writing and a good coaching. But apart from all these ,it is important to think that the subject is simple. We can tell ourselves”oh only this much, so simple, I worried for this?!” When we think something is simple and easy, we will definitely have a strong tendency to do it at a faster rate.

When speed,interest and understanding works together, the matter is quite simple. You have done it!



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