Make it real

Cherishing good old memmories is some thing that we all like to do. People at that time, friends’ fights, parents’ care and affection, probably words are not sufficient to express those feelings.

Holding parents’ hands we entered into our  first  temple of education, our school. Years have passed with the blink of an eye. Getting a chocolate was the most  happiest  moment. When friends made butterfly out of chocolate wrapper, we were amazed!  We may also have made flower with the pencil waste after sharpening. hahah, remember those punishments that were given to us since we were talkative and naughty fellow in the class.Singing all rhyms and riddles we enjoyed.

We made a  promise that we will try to change the bad face of society.  A dream that we will do something to win good over evil.

Then we entered into the cobwebs of exams. Where we understood life itself  is an exam. Still we tried to enjoy it. But as so called maturity grows with us, we forgot the good qualities that we inculcated.  A competitive mind took place. To be a successful person in life became a dream.

Years passed on and we recognised life. But we started moving with the society. “You should do this,you shouldn’t do that” society wants us to confirm. We came to a conclusion that good and bad are like two faces of the same coin.

But where have the promises disappear. If you had wished a wish with a pure mind and soul, whom are you scared of ?  If you really have a determination, you can defnitely try to make it true .i.e, to bring your dreams into reality.



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