Ways to compare

We can see our life in different ways and from different perspectives. Our life can  be  compared to many things. I would like to share some comparisons that I have heard.

Life can be compared to a still river. Which means a life without any worries or anxieties. But when waves come, there will be ups and downs and the stillness is lost. Waves are the  problems that occur in our life. We lose our stillness or calmness when trouble arises. I remember a quotation

                 Do not trouble trouble, unless trouble troubles you.        

               If you trouble trouble, It will double trouble you! 🙂

Alright! Life can also be compared as a rope. I got this Idea from Mr.Rufino’s speech “Knots in life”. He asks people to consider their lifeline as a rope. And each difficulties that they face as knots in it. Now, imagine you are hanging in this rope which is tied to a cliff. These knots protect you from falling down. So, hard times bring  confidence in us which helps us to survive in the future.

Life can be considered as a tree. Which starts as a seed, grows, helps people in many ways and finally decays in the ground.

Another amazing way how life can be compared!  A Donkey’s cry i.e, from a sharp high pitch to a slow low tone. Human beings have to realise that. We shout, we howl, enjoy and finally at last we will be in the bed breathing our last slow breath.

Now for the readers. What are the other things that can be compared to life? Do share your opinion. 🙂



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