Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML- Hypertext markup language.

To write a html code is very very simple. Remember one thing , when you start a tag you will have to end it. For example-

 <html>                      </html>

<body>                     </body>

<head>                     </head>       “to insert  headings”

<h1>                          </h1>          “size of heading”

<p>                            </p>               “to insert paragraph”

Now to write a html code-  basic syntax


<head><h1>          </h1></head>                        

<body><p>           </p></body>


Now lets start our first code in html.

Our requirement is to print ” Hello World” as title and content “Hi” “Nice to meet you” as the content. And the background color as yellow.

To add background color, we have to use bgcolor.  The syntax looks like this.

<body bgcolor=”yellow”>

Open you notepad or wordpad if you are using windows. And terminal if you are using Ubuntu. Start writing your code.

Now save your document with .html extension.

Open the file and it looks like this-

This is how we get started with HTML.


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