Value the relation

We have used a  lot of books, lot of pens, lot of dresses, lot of mobiles etc. What did we do ? We used it and threw it out. “Use & Throw”

Really sad of the fact that the idea of use and throw is extended even to relationships nowadays. Rising number of people in old age homes is a proof  for this matter.

Parents also have to be blamed. They go to office leaving their child with the servant. Child grows with the servant. They could hardly spent their childhood with their parents. Parents will have an answer that it’s for the better future of their child. But imagine your childhood without parents’ care. It’s miserable. Many children in the world is in this situation now.

Alright  the child somehow grows up and he is in his 20’s now. What will he do? He will be busy in planning for his future. He will never take care of parents. Parents could hardly see their child. Imagine old age times with no one to care! It’s again miserable.

So the conclusion is that, Newton was absolutely right! “Every action has equal and opposite reaction” :).

Probably we feel there is no solution. But the only solution that we have is to spend some time. Speak with your parents for at least half an hour a day.  Let them feel your presence at least through your sound. 

Staying alone is not easy. Remember,  loneliness when lasts for long time can eventually kill a person.


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