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All firms in any fields,  lay stress upon team environment. A common target is acheived by the whole team through sharing their knowledge and experiences.

In fact, the idea of sharing is there in our great epics. This idea is said in the form of short stories with good morals. I would like to blog one such story which illustrates how people are happy when they share a lot of things. The story goes like this.

Lord Vishnu invited all the devas and asuras to vaikunda for a lunch. All people were happy to enter vaikunda. After serving food to devas and asuras, Lord said that there is a condition before having food. All were surprised to hear that. Condition? That too for having food?

The condition was that they should not bend their elbows while eating. All asuras became very angry as how can one eat food without bending the elbows? They shouted anti slogans of vishnu and left vaikunda.

Whereas the devas did not complain. They fed each other and became very happy after having the delicious food. So collectively, we can get success rather than doing alone. When you feed yourself (with food and knowledge) you will definitely be happy. But when you feed others, the joy is different!

Sharing is divine!!!


Web browser and server – difference

Now you are reading my blog. You logged into and there this post appears. Is it a web browser or web server that you are looking at?

A web browser is what you’re probably looking at right now: a program on your computer that shows you stuff that’s on the web. A web server is a program on a server computer, somewhere out on the Internet, that delivers web pages to web browsers. The term web server also refers to an actual, physical computer that is running web server software.

Web browser is the piece of software that communicates with web servers for you via the HTTP protocol, translates HTML pages and image data into a nicely formatted on-screen display, and presents this information to your eyeballs — or to your other senses, in the case of browsers for the vision-impaired and other alternative interface technologies. Web browsers also appear in simpler devices such as Internet-connected cell phones, like many Nokia models, and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) such as the Palm Pilot.

The most common web browser, by a large margin, is Microsoft Internet Explorer, followed by the open-source Firefox browser and its relatives, including Netscape 6.0 and later. Apple’s Safari browser is now the standard on Macintoshes (although Firefox is also a fine choice on the Mac), and the Opera shareware browser has a loyal following among those who are willing to pay for the fastest browser possible, especially on older computers. The Lynx browser is the most frequently used text-only browser and has been adapted to serve the needs of the vision-impaired.

Web servers are the computers that actually run websites. The term “web server” also refers to the piece of software that runs on those computers, accepting HTTP connections from web browsers and delivering web pages and other files to them, as well as processing form submissions. The most common web server software is Apache , followed by Microsoft Internet Information Server. Many, many other web server programs also exist. For more information about web servers and how to arrange hosting for your own web pages, see the creating websites section.


Amma’s Bhajan

Nature only gives,

Sustaining all that lives...

For us to survive, we need to strive,

To care for all life...

Mother nature,

May our hearts rise,

in the beauty of creation...

Seeing God in... one another.... in the wind, the trees , the water.

Every bird that sings,

All living things,

are nothing else but you...

As a part of the whole,

we have to play our role...

Learning to feel,

striving to heal,

the wounds of this world...

(mother nature...)
(nature only...)