All firms in any fields,  lay stress upon team environment. A common target is acheived by the whole team through sharing their knowledge and experiences.

In fact, the idea of sharing is there in our great epics. This idea is said in the form of short stories with good morals. I would like to blog one such story which illustrates how people are happy when they share a lot of things. The story goes like this.

Lord Vishnu invited all the devas and asuras to vaikunda for a lunch. All people were happy to enter vaikunda. After serving food to devas and asuras, Lord said that there is a condition before having food. All were surprised to hear that. Condition? That too for having food?

The condition was that they should not bend their elbows while eating. All asuras became very angry as how can one eat food without bending the elbows? They shouted anti slogans of vishnu and left vaikunda.

Whereas the devas did not complain. They fed each other and became very happy after having the delicious food. So collectively, we can get success rather than doing alone. When you feed yourself (with food and knowledge) you will definitely be happy. But when you feed others, the joy is different!

Sharing is divine!!!


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One thought on “Share!

  1. Savita Seetaraman August 28, 2011 at 2:01 pm Reply

    I liked the story very much. It is indeed a very good example to emphasize the idea of sharing.

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