Greetings from InCTF!

Yet again, Amrita University & TIFAC CORE proudly present InCTF ’12, National Level “Capture the Flag

” style Ethical Hacking contest.

InCTF’12 is from November to January 2012 and is focused exclusively on the student community. You can participate from your own university and no travel is required. No prior exposure or experience in cyber security needed to participate.

Prerequisite to participate is familiarity with any programming language. Working knowledge of Linux is highly desirable but not necessary; learn essential skills as you participate!!!

We help you learn if you get stuck!!

What you need to do?
1. Form a team (max five members from your college)
2. Approach a faculty/mentor and request him/her to mentor your team

3. Register online at

Great Rewards!

25K The winning team receives a cash prize of Rs. 25000/-
20K The first runner-up team receives a cash prize of Rs. 20000/-

10 K

5 K
The second runners-up team receives a cash prize of Rs. 15000/-

The third runner-up team receives a cash prize of up to Rs. 10000/-

The fourth runner -up team receives a cash prize of up to Rs. 5000/-

Special Prizes*

  • Teams are awarded prizes based on their performance
  • Deserving teams are well awarded. Exciting prizes to be won.

So, what are you waiting for? – It’s simple Register, Learn, Hack!

Keep up with us
Website  | Email | Facebook  | Twitter 

*Cash prizes are subject to their performance and participation in the CTF round. Only teams who connect to the VPN server and successfully gain points in the CTF round are eligible for prizes. In addition, cash prize winners of InCTF ’11 are not eligible for prizes in InCTF ’12.

InCTF Team


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  1. CraigCraudfield November 8, 2011 at 9:25 pm Reply

    Now that’s what I wanted to find. Thanks a lot for the information.

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