Monthly Archives: January 2012

Wonderful Experiences!

I would like to share some experiences that I had during this vacation.

Paper Presentation

It was in October that I came to know about a paper presentation contest conducted by Robert Bosch. We, a group of three decided to take part. Paper had three phases. Abstract submission, Paper submission and Presentation. Topic that we selected was ‘Empowering Rural India Using Cloud Computing”. With the help of Guide and seniors, we could do it well. Out of 600+ teams, 9 teams were shortlisted and our team was one among them. We were called to to do our final presentation on 16th December at Robert Bosch, Bangalore. This was  an amazing experience.

International Conference (ACWR 2011)

As an undergraduate student, I was often fascinated by the word ‘conference’. But I never thought I will get a chance to attend one. ACWR (Dec 18-21) was  an International conference on wireless networks for humanitarian relief. It was a great chance to meet some of the well-known professors in the world. It is always nice to listen to stories. Yes, we got a chance to listen to some real stories of great thinkers. The message that each story conveyed was unique. But each story was made up of confidence, hard work and passion. ACWR was a great opportunity for students to learn.

What you give is what you get. In fact, you get more

In august, I met a lady who is working as a professor in US. She came to India to learn Sanskrit. We had a good chat on the way to Ernakulam. It was a trip from my college to Adi Shankara’s birth place. Sharing the various problems that the society face, and sharing the experience of Indian Culture, we travelled. I gifted her a book “Lalita Sahasrama slokha”  towards the end of the day. She thanked me and took my address. She had promised me to send a book on journalism( I have a passion towards it). But then we did not have a chat quite often. She was busy .  I thought she might have forgotten me. But, I got a big parcel on New year. And I was surprised. I could find four books in it!  This is the best new year gift that I ever got 🙂

These are the three wonderful unforgettable experience that I had in my life. I am back to blogging, which is another nice experience. 🙂