Monthly Archives: July 2012

sCTF quals experience

This was my second sCTF qualifier experience. Our team Virat did not qualify in the first time. So we got another chance to prove ourselves. I just practiced something the day before the contest sitting late at night.

Well, it was 3 members in a team. But one of the members couldn’t be present during the contest. So we thought we are unlucky and definitely will be placed in the bottom line.The contest was from 10am to

During the first one hour we topped the rankings. I solved some trivia questions and Savita, my team mate solved some crypto questions.  But later on our ranking was somewhere in the middle.
Had no idea on how to proceed further. We then reached a saturation state with a score of 650.

This was the score till 3.00pm. Target is 1000.  I started doing web questions. Had no previous experience practicing web based challenges. Well a 200pt question was based on email injection. I started learning about it. Went through the details. Meanwhile at around 3.10pm , Savita gave a good shot to crypto 300. Well we ranked 950 and topped again. Then the try was to somehow make it to 1000.

And around 3.45 I could solve a web 200pts question, the one on email injection. We both were so happy. Yes we did a good job. Learned a lot during the process. I was about to take rest. I saw the rankings. Ooops we are in second place. Then at the last 5 mins I started doing  web 400pts question. Of course admins gave me some clues to proceed. Wooaah! We reached 1550!!

In IRC I saw a post. Team Virat topped the rankings. 🙂 Never expected.