OverTheWire-Krypton: Level 0

Level Info:

Welcome to Krypton! The first level is easy. The following string encodes the password using Base64: S1JZUFRPTklTR1JFQVQ= Use this password to log in to krypton.labs.overthewire.org with username krypton1 using SSH. You can the files for other levels in /krypton/

So our first step is to decode the message encoded in Base64S1JZUFRPTklTR1JFQVQ=
The decoded text would be KRY********EAT.
Now, ssh krypton1@krypton.labs.overthewire.org
Give the password as KRY********EAT.Whoa! You will be taken to level1 !!!



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