OverTheWire-Krypton: Level 1

Level Info:

The password for level 2 is in the file ‘krypton2’. It is ‘encrypted’ using a simple rotation. It is also in non-standard ciphertext format. When using alpha characters for cipher text it is normal to group the letters into 5 letter clusters, regardless of word boundaries. This helps obfuscate any patterns. This file has kept the plain text word boundaries and carried them to the cipher text. Enjoy!

krypton1@melissa:/krypton/krypton1$ cat krypton2
So this is the encoded text. It is encrypted using a simple rotation. ROT13.
When you do ROT13 (shift the letters by 13), the text decodes to LEVEL TWO PASSWORD R****N
Whoa! We got the password for Level2:  R****N


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