Happy Youth Day!

“Our country requires heroes; stand firm like a rock, be brave. Have faith in yourself.”
-Swami Vivekananda

Today, 12/01/2013 is Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birthday and is celebrated as national youth day in India. There is a lot to learn from Swami’s life and teachings. I would like to share one of his speeches in Rameshwaram. This is from the book “Lectures from Columbo to Almora”.

A few excerpts from this speech-

He who sees Shiva in the poor, in the weak, and in the diseased, really worships Shiva; and if he sees Shiva only in the image, his worship is but preliminary. He who has served and helped one poor man seeing Shiva in him, without thinking of his caste, or creed, or race, or anything, with him Shiva is more pleased than with the man who sees Him only in temples.

He who wants to serve Shiva must serve His children — must serve all creatures in this world first. It is said in the Shâstra that those who serve the servants of God are His greatest servants.

So ignorance and wickedness are the dirt and dust that are on the mirror of our hearts. Selfishness is the chief sin, thinking of ourselves first. He who thinks, “I will eat first, I will have more money than others, and I will possess everything”, he who thinks, “I will get to heaven before others I will get Mukti before others” is the selfish man. The unselfish man says, “I will be last, I do not care to go to heaven, I will even go to hell if by doing so I can help my brothers.” This unselfishness is the test of religion. He who has more of this unselfishness is more spiritual and nearer to Shiva.

The complete speech can be found at : http://www.vivekananda.net/BooksBySwami/LecturesColomboAlmora/4.html

Arise, Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached!



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