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Have you observed a golden glow,  luminous radiation that we normally see around deities and human beings? It is Aura. We all have an aura, including animals and inanimate objects. It is like a hazy bubble of light surrounding a body. Aura is the indicator of personality, health and spiritual growth.

The concept of aura is not easy to define or explain. The dictionary definition of the word is given as, “any subtle, invisible emanation or exhalation.”   It is an energy field with the object both living and non living. Aura is also referred to as ‘the magnetic atmosphere’ or ‘psychic atmosphere’ of an individual. A human body emits these energies in varying densities. Electromagnetic waves around a healthy body form an oval shape spreading to around 2 to 3 feet in all directions. These waves originate from a center point termed as ‘auric egg’ and extending above the head and below the feet the waves are present varying in density.

The color of every individual is doubtless somewhat different, and with the same individual it differs at various times, according to his state of health, the mental and psychical changes, etc. The majority of highly developed clairvoyants agree that the following colors may be distinguished, and that they signify the existing physical, mental and spiritual conditions, as follows:

VARIOUS SHADES OF BLACK: indicates hatred and malice; anger and hate thought-forms are like heavy smoke.

RED: deep red flashes on black ground show anger : lurid red indicates sensuality.

BROWN : dull brown-red shows avarice ; dull, hard brown-grey selfishness; GREENISH BROWN: with red or scarlet flashes, denotes jealousy.

GREY: heavy leaden shows deep depression ; livid grey shows fear. CRIMSON : indicates love.

ORANGE : pride or ambition.

YELLOW: shows intellectuality; duller tints show it is used for selfish purposes.

GREEN: deep blue green shows good qualities, deep sympathy, while grey-green shows deceit and cunning.

BLUE: dark, indicates religious feeling; light blue shows devotion to a noble spiritual ideal.

WHITE: or near white, shows high spirituality.

DULL BROWN:  and blue show selfish religious feeling; dull yellow, low type intellect;

APRICOT:  shows pride;

BRICK RED:  indicates selfish affection and avarice.

LIGHT and BRIGHT RED:  show pure affection.

GREYISH- GREEN:  with reddish tinge, shows deceit.

Aura is perceptible, detectable. It may be detected spontaneously. It can also be detected by putting in much practice. You can train your eyes to see your own aura as well as aura of others. To some extent we all can sense a subtle presence in the personality of others and respond with feelings of like and dislike. Children and even infants are considered susceptible to this subtle presence around a person.

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Growth in the touchscreen market has accelerated adoption of haptics in mobile phones. Through world-class partners such as Samsung, LG, Nokia and others, haptic technology is moving from a nice-to-have consideration to a fundamental design requirement for next-generation mobile devices. We live in an increasingly touchscreen world and our haptics bring these screens to life.

 “HAPTICS”– a technology that adds the sense of touch to virtual environment. Haptic interfaces allow the user to feel as well as to see virtual objects on a computer, and so we can give an illusion of touching surfaces, shaping virtual clay or moving objects around.

The sensation of touch is the brain’s most effective learning mechanism –more effective than seeing or hearing—which is why the new technology holds so much promise as a teaching tool.

Haptic technology is like exploring the virtual world with a stick. If you push the stick into a virtual balloon push back .The computer communicates sensations through a haptic interface –a stick, scalpel, racket or pen that is connected to a force-exerting motors.


With this technology we can now sit down at a computer terminal and touch objects that exist only in the “mind” of the computer. By using special input/output devices (joysticks, data gloves, or other devices), users can receive feedback from computer applications in the form of felt sensations in the hand or other parts of the body.

In combination with a visual display, haptics technology can be used to train people for tasks requiring hand-eye coordination, such as surgery and space ship maneuvers.

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